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BY Sasha   December 19, 2007 15:12

I have been thinking about women in the escort/stripping business and wondering if it is hard for them to get mortgages. I am a woman in the mortgage business and would like to help women in the sex industry buy their own homes and qualify for mortgages. What would you think would be the best way for me to reach them? Is there a magazine or newspaper that is geared to this business that they read regularly? Any suggestions you have would be great. I work with a mortgage company that is great at getting mortgages for people in this type of business. JOANNE

You’re a smart lady, Joanne, and you’re correct in assuming that a lot of sex workers feel disenfranchised from the professional world and need encouragement navigating “legitimate” business terrain. As you yourself are aware, it’s fine to sell earth, but dirt’s another story. The advertising page at $pread online also keenly notes, “Sex workers are one of the few consumer markets with a significant disposable income that remains untapped by most advertisers.

Twenty-five years ago, the LGBT population was an untapped market; now it represents one of the fastest growing consumer sectors in the country. Sex workers are the untapped market of today.” If you want to advertise in print, check out $pread at

I emailed a couple of women I know in the business and here’s what I got back from them in terms of online communities and message boards:

The big resource for strippers from out west and Ontario is Annie Temple moderates this site and you can contact her directly through it. If you plan on working internationally, there’s also

For escorts, try the Toronto Escort Review Board at Many Canadian cities have a parallel service — there’s in Montreal and on the Pacific coast. I would also look at the Sex Work Assistance Guide at

You might also think about presenting a workshop for one of our local sex worker rights groups. Get in touch with Maggie’s at 416-964-0150 or The Sex Professionals of Canada at 416-364-5603 and see if they’re interested.


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