Date : 10.01.08


A Gloucestershire police officer is accompanying Government Ministers on a trip to Sweden today, on a fact finding mission to look at how prostitution is policed there.

Detective Inspector Sue Bradshaw, of Gloucestershire Constabulary, along with Detective Inspector Gary Young, of the Metropolitan Police, are making the visit on the behalf of Chief Constable Timothy Brain, the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) spokesman on Prostitution and Vice Related Matters.

Visiting Sweden alongside Home Office Minister Vernon Coaker, MP, other Government officials and a representative from the Crown Prosecution Service, the officers will be keen to look at the Swedish model of enforcement more closely.

In particular they will be looking to answer the following key questions:

How enforceable is the law in Sweden and how could it be enforced in the UK?

  • How would the law impact on existing legislation, including, for example, the Human Rights Act and surveillance laws?
  • What effect is the law having on sex workers?
  • How is evidence obtained and tested?
  • How would the Swedish model work in practice in a country, such as the UK, where prostitution is not illegal?

    Dr Brain said: “I am glad we are able to accompany the Ministers on their visit as it is a good opportunity to look at a different legal system and find out how our counterparts work within it to tackle prostitution.

    “We will be gathering information to look at a series of key factual points, with a view to digesting the information and making some recommendations at a later date.

    “What is really important is that we must have a law which is practical and enforceable because we do not want to end up in a worse situation than where we currently are.

    “We want practical enforcement measures and a law that is not a political fix, but which will make a real difference.

    “Welfare support and provision for prostitutes who want to leave prostitution is where the real difference will be made.”

  • http://www.thisisgloucestershire.co.uk/displayNode.jsp?nodeId=231771&command=displayContent&sourceNode=231754&home=yes&more_nodeId1=231776&contentPK=19513513


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