10,000 Vegas strippers get the right to sue

CARSON CITY (AP) — The state Supreme Court has given a go-ahead for a class-action lawsuit by an Arizona lawyer who wants Las Vegas strippers classified as club employees and paid wages by the owners of clubs where they work.

Many of the estimated 10,000 strippers in Las Vegas pay a fee to dance at clubs and sign agreements classifying themselves as independent contractors. They get no pay or benefits and earn only tips.

A panel of high court justices ruled 3-0 on Thursday that lawyer Mick Rusing can bring a class-action lawsuit on behalf of strippers seeking to change that arrangement.

“This is going to force employers to stop living off the backs of these women,” said Sean Brearcliffe, a lawyer at Rusing’s firm.



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  1. This is a really good post. The truth is, most strip clubs around the country require dancers to pay a fee to work. This is known as a house fee. Believe it or not, many strip clubs charge the strippers an unreasonable amount of fees, just to earn extra money. It’s typical for strippers to pay $100.00 for missing a shift, or $50.00 just for being 10 min late. On top that, the club owners keep a running tab on who owes what. For example, lets say 50 girls are scheduled at a club and the house fee is $50.00 each, you can see how the club racks up an extra $2,500 in just one night. Most of this money goes unreported. I won’t even get into all the other fees strippers pay to work.

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