Former Exotic Dancer Wins Oscar!

 “Juno” was nominated for four Oscars, but only Diablo Cody won, for original screenplay.
“Juno” was nominated for four Oscars, but only Diablo Cody won, for original screenplay.

Predictably, best director winners Joel and Ethan Coen also won the Oscar for best screenplay adaptation (“No Country for Old Men”), while movie newcomer Diablo Cody took home the golden boy for original screenplay (“Juno”).

Of all this year’s Oscar races, the writing categories seemed preordained.

The Coens not only made a tight, gripping film of Cormac McCarthy’s novel of stolen drug money and a relentless killer, but they fashioned it into a philosophical statement — misanthropic and dark though it might be — that dovetailed perfectly with their overall body of work.

Former exotic dancer Cody has been celebrated almost from the first festival screenings of “Juno,” a smart, funny and heartfelt comedy about a pregnant high school student who searches for the perfect adoptive parents for her baby.

“Juno” would have been a remarkable achievement from an old vet. For a first-timer to pull it off only doubled the pleasure.

Cody certainly offered a different image of an Oscar winner, with her vaguely punky hair, leopard-print dress and pinup girl tattoo prominently displayed on her right upper arm.

“This is for the writers,” she said, holding up the statuette. “I want to thank my fellow nominees because I worship you guys and am learning from you every day.”

She concluded her comments with a quiver in her voice, thanking her family “for loving me exactly the way I am.”


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