A grand ol’ time for Gov. Spitzer?

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Tuesday » March 11 » 2008

Becky Rynor

Canwest News Service

OTTAWA – The question on many lips following the very public outing of New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, allegedly also known as Client 9, has got to be: just what do you get for $1,000 per hour? Nicer lingerie? Scented candles? Prettier girls?”It goes as high as $20,000 per hour in Vegas,” Vancouver prostitute Susan Davis observed Tuesday. “It depends on the client.”

Spitzer faced calls for his resignation Monday after the New York Times said he was the individual identified as Client 9 in court papers filed last week. Client 9 arranged to meet with “Kristen,” a prostitute who charged $1,000 per hour, on Feb. 13 in a Washington hotel. The client allegedly paid $4,300 for services rendered, travel expenses and as a down payment for future engagements, according to the court documents.

But whether you pay $180 per hour – which she charges – or $1,000 per hour, Davis said it doesn’t necessarily mean the tricks are any trickier, or the level of skill any greater. You’re still getting the basic package. Although she admits, “the kind of client that pays that kind of money is going to be very selective in the people that they hire . . . they are hiring a certain caste,” she said. They likely also think they’re buying some client confidentiality.

“You would hope you were, at those prices,” the 22-year veteran of the sex trade said Tuesday.

“I don’t think it’s reflective of any change in service,” Davis said of those clients paying the bigger bucks. “Some guys we call johns. There are also what we call marks, who don’t want sex at all and just give you money to hang out.”

“It’s because they are rich and they just want to give you the money. They value us. In some way they don’t care what the price is. They’ll give you more because they want to and they appreciate us. There are some guys who want to nickel and dime and they want to time you down to the last minute. Which is OK, because it’s their time.”

She says other men will pay because they don’t want to jeopardize “their autonomy.”

“People who run a business or don’t have time for relationships. They want to have a good time with somebody who is a professional, and can be warm and friendly and provide that feeling of intimacy and not be offended when they have to go away. Some of my clients I’ve been seeing for 18 years,” she said.

And regardless of the fee, it’s pretty much the same old, same old.

“It would start out, you would go in and sit down – you collect your fee because it’s always money up front – then have a drink and relax. Ask them how their day was. Laugh and listen to their stories. Maybe then move to the bed and have a massage. Most of us are really talented in that way. Some people bring candles and all kinds of scented oils. During that time, especially if you don’t know the guy, there’s a certain aspect of our job where we’re trying to discover what they want. Some people are ashamed of a particular fetish or desire they may want to explore so you know it takes a little bit of talent to make somebody feel comfortable enough to tell you those sort of intimate secrets, right?”

Then, she says, you move into the more intimate time, “whatever that might be.”

But a real true courtesan, she said, within that time, will explore whatever it is he wants to get into.

“The professionals who really know their trade will make a man comfortable enough to share those intimate details to make them feel extremely welcome to admit these things because they’re afraid of being shamed. So the time would include that as well . . . Obviously that doesn’t include allowing yourself to be tortured and things like that. However, there are places where you can do that. They’ll have two escorts and you can indulge in those kinds of fantasies as well.”

But of course, that’ll cost you extra.

With files from Reuters

© Canwest News Service 2008



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