DeLand officer caught with prostitute, demoted

March 14, 2008


DELAND — A police sergeant has been demoted to patrol officer after he was caught in a city-owned car with a Jacksonville prostitute, a police spokesman said Thursday. On Feb. 5, Sgt. Marc Gilotti, 38, “was contacted (by Duval County sheriff’s investigators) in a less than desirable area known for drugs and prostitution” with Stacy Dolce, a “known” prostitute, in his vehicle, a DeLand police Internal Affairs report states.

Gilotti did not report the incident to his supervisor until Feb. 13 when informed of the internal investigation, DeLand police Deputy Chief Randel Henderson said. Although Gilotti was not accused of a crime, his actions became questionable when investigators detected discrepancies in his statements to them, Henderson said.

The incident occurred while Gilotti was in Jacksonville attending a drug investigation class, Henderson said. The next day, Duval investigators contacted DeLand Police Chief Ed Overman and described finding Gilotti with Dolce in a motel parking lot, Henderson said.

Gilotti said nothing about the incident to superiors until he was approached by Internal Affairs investigators days later, Henderson said.

According to the internal investigation report, Gilotti said he left the class and stopped at a convenience store where a distraught woman said her husband left her after an argument. Gilotti said she asked him to drive her home, but the address turned out to be a motel.

The motel, a known hangout of drug dealers and prostitutes, was being watched by Duval sheriff’s investigators. After Gilotti identified himself as a DeLand police sergeant, the investigators told him Dolce was a known prostitute and asked what she was doing in his car, the report states.

Contrary to Gilotti’s claim that Dolce was distraught and crying, the Duval investigators said she was “cool as a cucumber.” Dolce told them Gilotti approached her and offered her a ride, the report states, adding she was dressed in a tube top and short shorts.

Henderson said Gilotti was demoted after the investigation concluded he failed to follow department policies by not immediately reporting his encounter with the Duval deputies. In addition, he was untruthful, provided false information to supervisors, embarrassed the department and called into question its ethics and integrity.

Gilotti has been with the DeLand Police Department since 1997, was promoted to sergeant in 2002, and has not been the subject of past discipline, according to the Internal Affairs report.


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