James “Buffalo Jim” Barrier found dead. Will Steve Miller be next?

Death in Las Vegas

 By Judi McLeod  Monday, April 7, 2008
Steve Miller and Buffalo Jim Barrier. Through thick and thin they’ve been a team fighting mob corruption in Las Vegas for decades.

And now Barrier is dead. 

According to his closest friend, former Las Vegas City Councilman and Canada Free Press (CFP) columnist Steve Miller, “He (James `Buffalo Jim’ Barrier) was found in a room with an empty bottle of valium. 

“Barrier did not take valium or any other drugs.  At the time of his death, he was involved in the purchase of a new garage and was very happy that the deal was about to close.  He had no reason to take his own life, and was living a very healthful life.

“Barrier called me on Saturday saying he had received a call from a man who identified himself as a `Hit Man’.  He said the man talked for over a half hour about how he wanted to kill him.  Barrier talked to the man in order to try to find out his identify. 

“Barrier had also been in receipt of several anonymous letters talking about how Rick Rizzolo wanted him to “fail”.  One of the letters mentioned Barrier’s home address asking if he still resided there.

“The police told Barrier’s daughters that their father died of “natural causes”.  Barrier was 55 years old and in perfect health.”

So worried is Miller for the safety of Barrier’s children, he is informing the FBI of Barrier’s death via email.

“I believe he was kidnapped and given an overdose of drugs in retaliation for his participation in the long-running Rizzolo investigation, and that Barrier’s death must be treated as a homicide,” Miller wrote the FBI.

“Barrier had many enemies infuriated with his participation in the closure of Crazy Horse Too.”

The same could be said of Steve Miller, whose columns Inside Vegas for AmericanMafia.com, chronicle the trials and tribulations of convicted racketeer Frederick John “Rick” Rizzolo and the now-defunct Crazy Horse Too strip club.

An American professional wrestler from the Las Vegas-area, Barrier owned his own wrestling school and had a local wrestling cable show Jim Wars every Friday night as well as a weekly newspaper column on auto repair.

To know him was to love him was a line that could have been written for James “Buffalo Jim” Barrier.

Admired by many of the celebrities who have frequented Las Vegas including Hulk Hogan and Mohammad Ali, Barrier had a large collection of celebrity memorabilia, from vehicles to a lock of Elvis’s hair.  Included in this collection are over 150 cars, from a Jensen Interceptor, presented to him by Wayne Newton, to the pink Cadillac Kid Rock used in proposing to Pamela Anderson.

Barrier who joined Miller in the big fight against Las Vegas corruption was well known in Vegas for standing firm for his rights as a businessman, winning a twenty-year lease with his neighbor and landlord, Frederick “Rick” Rizzolo, owner of the Crazy Horse Two gentleman’s club, located on the same property as Buffalo Jim’s repair shop.  The dispute wound its way in and out of court several times.  Mr. Rizzolo has since sold the club, has recently been released from prison and is residing in Las Vegas. Mr. Rizzolo was convicted of racketeering and tax evasion in Federal Court.” (Wikipedia).

He was a single father with four daughters.

CFP is worried that its columnist Steve Miller will be next.

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