Budapest prostitutes the cheapest in Europe

Written by Ágnes Lukács   
Sunday, 20 April 2008

Rent boys get twice as much

An hour with a prostitute is cheaper in Budapest than in any other city in Europe, according to a new study by the SEXES Institute.

The survey found that sixty minutes with a prostitute costs on average HUF 17,000 (EUR 66) including “extras”. According to Ágnes Földi, head of the Association for the Protection of Hungarian Prostitutes’ Interest, the price is even lower at around HUF 10,000 for “basic services” and never exceeds HUF 15,000 (EUR 59).


Sex discrimination

“There is simply an oversupply of prostitutes. Too many women are trying to earn their money this way, and this is not matched by the demand. That’s why the prices have stayed the same over the last ten years,” explains Földi. As usual, men earn more, with rent boys pocketing around HUF 28,000 (EUR 110) per hour.

Unsurprisingly, the cheapest prostitutes work on the streets, but most offer their services through the internet. Brothels, now banned, have been replaced by private flats where several women team up and receive clients. The address is only revealed to the client at the last minute. Services on offer – as a result of oversupply – are extensive. Information online about the city district, services available, customer satisfaction, ratings and comments make it easier for the potential punter to choose.


Eastern European women move West

An hour with a prostitute in the Romanian capital Bucharest costs more than in Budapest, costing an average of EUR 78. The study found that Kiev is also more expensive. In international comparison, Budapest is eleventh cheapest. The Hungarian capital is more expensive than, for example, Beijing (EUR 24), Hong Kong (EUR 35) and Manila (EUR 39). American brothels are the most expensive, with one hour costing the equivalent of around EUR 307. In London and Dubai the average rate is around EUR 248. Paris, Nice, Rome, Madrid and Milan are also in the higher price category.

Prices in Hungary have, however, been pushed down as a result of EU expansion. Many Eastern European women hope to get rich by selling their bodies abroad, with London one of the most popular destinations.


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  1. I think you will find those quotes are because of gypsy girls who often charge alot less because they are Roma gypsy. Although there are some beautiful gypsy girls to be found. Romanian girls are very beautiful but since joining the eurozone you wont find much difference in price for a bucharest prostitute. The real business minded girl will be working away from home now wherever there are lots of tourists Prague Spain etc.

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