Police use craigslist to make prostitution arrests

April 19, 2008


Theresa Juva
The Journal News

RYE BROOK – A Craigslist ad led to the arrest of six individuals for setting up meetings with people they believed were prostitutes, police said.

The following people were arrested Thursday and charged with misdemeanor patronizing a prostitute [why on earth do all these newspapers feel the need to publicize this infprmation??]: J.T, 38, of _____. in Mamaroneck; BH, 32, of ___ in Mamaroneck; MG, 62, of _____. in New Rochelle; A.S., 24, of _____ in Harrison; J.J., 53, of _______ in Stamford, Conn.; and AM, 37, of _____ in Stamford, Conn. Police also seized $940 from the suspects. [oooh- good catch! legalized robbery.]

They were all arrested at a hotel in Rye after replying to an ad officers posted online, said Rye Brook police Sgt. Terence Wilson. The arrests were part of a joint operation with police from Rye Brook, Rye, Greenburgh and Elmsford. Wilson said since the departments began cracking down on prostitution in May, police have arrested 95 people and recovered more than $25,000 [that’s about $263 a person. There has got to be better things these public servants can be doing than wasting piblic resources and robbing the arrestees. Isn’t someone getting raped or robbed somewhere while these officers are pursuing consenting adults engaging in sex?]

He added that some prostitution investigations have yielded up to 14 arrests in one night.



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