BRIDGEPORT — Three people who traveled from Rhode Island after advertising sexual services on the Internet were arrested early Saturday in a police sting. From the Web site Craigslist, the alleged prostitutes agreed to come to Bridgeport for sex to what they believed was “Tom N Tony’s Automotive” garage, but actually were the offices of the Tactical Narcotics Team. “We fished, they bit and they came down,” said Officer Edward Rivera said.LC, 23, of Pawtucket, R.I., and IG, 24, of Providence, R.I., were charged with prostitution by officers in the department’s Tactical Narcotics Team. C’s brother, JC, 22, of Providence, was charged with promoting prostitution and possession of marijuana. According to the report filed by Lt. Chris LaMaine, LC, who identified herself as “Nancy, ” contacted LaMaine shortly after midnight Saturday and offered to drive to Bridgeport with another woman for sex for $450. C advertised herself as “real hot,” “wild” and “naughty” on the Web site.

Police said C and G, who was referred to as “Veronica,” arrived at 3:10 a.m. at the department’s narcotics and vice division headquarters on River Street, which had been made to look like a garage. LaMaine said the women went into the building and washed up in a bathroom shortly after arriving. After arranging couch cushions as a makeshift bed, C demanded payment before any sex occurred. LaMaine said he left the room, telling the women he was going to get the money. He returned a minute later with other TNT officers. The women were immediately arrested. JC, who was still in Lean Castillo’s 1992 Jaguar X-Type, was arrested shortly thereafter. Officer Rivera said the narcotics and vice forces monitor the Internet because illegal services being advertised could be available to Bridgeport residents. Police seized several items from the suspects and car, including $270, four condoms, three dental dams, three cell phones, a laptop computer, several pieces of lingerie, a GPS unit, and a log book with names of clients, their addresses and the prices they paid.

Rivera said LaMaine received about six or seven other calls from suspected prostitutes late Friday night offering their services.

“There are all kinds of backdoor deals being done on cell phones and people are coming [to Bridgeport] to do services. We’re getting our message out there,” Rivera said. “If you’re freely advertising crime on the Internet, don’t think the police department doesn’t have access to computers,” he said.

LC admitted in a statement to police she and G were working as prostitutes and her brother drives them to appointments. Rivera said LC had been a prostitute for about four years and made up to $10,000 a week. G had been in prostitution for a year, Rivera said. All three were held on $5,000 bond and are scheduled to appear Monday in Superior Court.