Oslo offers best price for sex


High prices are attracting prostitutes from all over Europe to Oslo.

The average price for a “number” in Oslo is NOK 500 (USD 100), compared to NOK 160 in Germany, which is considered an attractive land for pimps and prostitutes from the EU.

According to newspaper Aftenposten‘s sources, Norwegian customers are willing to pay far more for sex than those in other European cities.


Norway’s welfare system and its buying power have given it the reputation as Europe’s most attractive prostitution market.


Women from Bulgaria have become the largest-growing group of prostitutes in Oslo, reports Aftenposten, mostly from “Romani” (or “Gypsy”) families.

The Bulgarian invasion began after Norwegians discovered Bulgaria as a place to go on vacation, starting from about 2003, says Aftenposten.

But although the prices are high in Oslo, they have been pressed down in recent years because of the flow of foreign women into the market.

Meanwhile, the Norwegian government has put forth a plan to make purchase of sexual services illegal in Norway, as well as in other countries.

The proposal has not yet been made into law, but it has a majority support in the parliament.

“People are not commodities,” said Justice Minister Knut Storberget, “and criminalizing the purchase of sexual services will make it less attractive for people-traders to look towards Norway.”

Aftenposten’s reporter
Tone Tveøy Strøm-Gundersen

Aftenposten English Web Desk
Catherine Stein


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