UT: Man Accused of Running Prostitutes Won’t Say If He Got Information From SL County Prosecutor

Steven Maese, accused of running prostitutes, won’t say whether he got inside information from one of Salt Lake County’s top prosecutors.

Prosecutor Kent Morgan has been fired, allegedly for giving secret information to Maese.  Morgan says he’s innocent and is appealing.  

“No comment,” Maese said, when asked if Morgan gave him inside information.  

Maese was supposed to stand trial today on four counts of running prostitutes, and a count of laundering the profits. But Ed Brass, his defense attorney, withdrew from the case for undisclosed reasons, so the trial was postponed.   

But prosecutor Chad Platt seemed to indicate that whatever Morgan did, didn’t affect his case.  He said he followed the facts, and was “absolutely” prepared to go forward with a strong case.  

Maese owned the Doll House, an escort service.  According to Sheriff’s deputies, women who used to work for Maese say he pushed them into prostitution, telling them to “work it out,” when men wanted sex for pay and the women didn’t want to accommodate.    

Maese says he’s innocent.  When asked if he would beat the charges, he said, “I believe so.”   

Maese gave money to Morgan’s unsuccessful campaign for Salt Lake County District Attorney in 2006, and cell-phone records show many calls between the two.  Other prosecutors say Maese knew inside information.  District Attorney Lohra Miller fired Morgan for giving that inside information to Maese.  

Maese’s trouble is spreading to others.  Kelly Ann Booth, a strong Democratic candidate for the Utah House of Representatives was engaged to Maese.  She says she didn’t know about the Doll House, and ended the relationship when she found out, but she’s withdrawn from her race.  

And Maese faces new charges of threatening a witness.  Tiffany Curtis, co-owner of the Doll House with Maese, says he followed her in his car, tried to cut her off, and gave her threatening looks.  She has pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges connected to the Doll House.  She received no jail time.












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