Make Pervs Pay For Crime

NEW research has revealed frightening insights into the minds of men who buy sex from prostitutes.

It also dispels the myth that men pay for sex because it is their only option.

Almost half of them involved in the research programme were married or had a girlfriend.

A major concern was that four out of 10 of those interviewed believed that, by using prostitutes, they were less likely to commit rape.

One in 10 admitted they would rape a woman if they knew they wouldn’t be caught.

More disturbing still were the attitudes shown by those surveyed.

A third thought rape was just men getting carried away, 12 per cent thought it impossible to rape a prostitute and 10 per cent thought rape laws didn’t apply to these women.

More than half of those who frequently used prostitutes also admitted being sexually aggressive with other partners.

Last year, the old Scottish Executive brought in anti-kerb crawling legislation in a bid to reduce prostitution.

For the first time, men faced criminal action as well as the women they exploit.

It was a bold move and one that was frankly long overdue.

Now women’s support workers, who helped with the latest research, want the legislation to go further.

They want paying for prostitutes to be made a sex crime – and convicted offenders named and shamed by being placed on the sex offenders’ register.

According to the latest research, that would stop nine out of 10 Scots from using prostitutes.

In fact, eight out of 10 admitted that a letter to their partner would be enough to stop them buying sex.

The only way to end this exploitation is to cut the demand – and if that means embarrassing some men, so be it.


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