DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey Dead In Apparent Suicide: Report

Fox 5 Orlando is reporting that a woman found dead in her home is Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the “DC Madam.” Authorities are reporting that her death may be a suicide:

Police were called to the home of DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey’s mother on Thursday to investigate her apparent suicide.
Police have confirmed that the dead person is Palfrey who was 52.

Palfrey was dubbed “The DC Madam” by the national media after her arrest for allegedly running an upscale call girl ring in the nation’s capitol.


The AP reports that the DC Madam suicide apparently took place at her mother’s home and that she left a suicide note:

Police in Tarpon Springs, Florida say the body was found in a shed near Palfrey’s mother’s home Thursday morning. There was a suicide note, but police did not disclose its contents.

Although local reports confirm it was Palfrey but refer to her death as an “apparent suicide,” and the AP reports the death as a suicide but call the deceased “a woman believed to be” the DC Mada, FoxNews.com is reporting that local officials confirm both Palfrey’s identity and her cause of death:

“It was her, and she’s deceased,” said Frank Ruggiero, a public information officer with the Tarpon Springs Police Department. “There’s no question that it was a suicide.”

Palfrey was found guilty of running a prostitution ring last month. TMZ also reports on the DC Madam suicide, confirming that she was awaiting sentencing.

In June 2007, one of Palfrey’s former escorts, University of Maryland professor Brandy Britton, committed suicide after being arrested. At the time, Palfrey said of Britton:

“This is a woman who was divorced, who was trying to raise two, ah, high-school children, college-age children,” Palfrey said. “Great job title, the great position, all the respect in the world, but she wasn’t making enough money. So she decided to do a little moonlighting.”
Palfrey added, “And she was publicly outed, is a good way to put it, she was absolutely humiliated. Ah, she couldn’t take the humiliation. Her whole life was destroyed. And she, she just, ah, ultimately committed suicide.”





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