UK: WI turns brothel creepers

WI Guide To Brothels

WI meets hookers … Jean and Shirley with Nevada prostitutes

WI members will go on a whirlwind tour of some of the world’s brothels in a new Channel 4 documentary.


Hampshire WI members Jean Johnson and Shirley Landels met the working girls in a licensed Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada and visited a upmarket prostitution co-operative in New Zealand.


On their return they try to create a version of the perfect British brothel.


The documentary The WI Guide To Brothels is part of a Women’s Institute campaign calling for the legalisation of brothels in Britain and the reform of prostitution laws.


It’s been made with investigative journalist Nicky Taylor who in the film talks to women who sell their bodies on British streets and work in illegal brothels.


Nicky also talks to lap dancers, helps a prostitute’s maid, mans an X-rated phone sex line and tries to sell her body in a Winchester shop window.


A C4 spokeswoman said: “It’s a bid to see if it’s possible to set up the UK’s first legal brothel.”


The WI Guide To Brothels, C4, August 3, 10pm

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