India: Hijras face further harassment

Staff Reporter

‘It is wrong to target the whole community’

Bangalore: Hijras residing at Dasarahalli, who have been under pressure to vacate their houses following notices served by the police, were allegedly subjected to further abuse on Wednesday morning.

Soummya, a hirjra from the area, said the police arrived on Wednesday night and announced on loudspeakers that those who continued to stay there should leave immediately.

“Due to pressure from the authorities, many left homes leaving behind their belongings. They spent the night at the Majestic bus terminus,” she said.

The situation took a turn for the worse on Wednesday morning when the police arrived on two motorcycles and a van around 9 a.m. and started beating up the hijras who remained in the area, alleged Kala, another hijra.

“Because of pressure from the police our landlords have no choice but to ask us to leave. We have not even been able to get back the deposits we had paid,” said Manju, a member of the community.

Speaking about the case of an under-aged boy allegedly kidnapped and castrated by two hijras, following which the community in the area has faced harassment, Kanta said: “Individual cases must be tackled individually. It is wrong to target the whole community.”

Jalaja, another hijra, echoed similar sentiments: “Why are we all being treated like criminals? Police have been warning autorickshaw drivers against taking us, telling them to refuse to take us.”

Hijras from Dasarahalli were at a meeting of the sexuality minority community organised by Nepalese MP Sunil Pant.

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