Painting by Bonny Holder

There is a graveyard west of town, but it doesn’t have green grass or headstones. The place where at least 11 people were buried on the city’s far West Mesa is a crime scene, perhaps the city’s largest ever.

Or is it?

Until recently, Albuquerque police said they weren’t really sure these were homicides. To be fair, that was a few days ago, back when the body count stood at six, including the bones of one woman and her fetus.

But how does anyone end up dead and buried on a remote mesa if they weren’t murdered?

I’ve been watching this case closely since the first bones were pulled from the ground in early February, and I’ve been struck by what I see as the media and law enforcement doing their best to tamp down public alarm over the fact that people were murdered and dumped like trash — AND that there was or may still be a serial killer at large. Continue reading