10 child prostitutes in Washington rescued during nationwide sweep by FBI

Tuesday, February 24, 2009 – Page updated at 12:00 AM
By Mike Carter
Seattle Times staff reporter

Police and federal agents rescued 10 child prostitutes and arrested 35 people in Western Washington as part of a nationwide sweep aimed at curbing the sexual exploitation of children, according to the FBI.

Nationwide, “Operation Cross Country III” last week took 48 child prostitutes into protective custody and police and agents in 29 cities — including Seattle, Everett and Tacoma — arrested 571 people for investigation of state and federal charges involving the domestic trafficking of children for sex.

“We continue to pursue those who exploit our nation’s children,” said FBI Director Robert Mueller. “We may not be able to return their innocence but we can remove them from this cycle of abuse and violence.”

Special Agent Robbie Burroughs of the Seattle office of the FBI said most of those arrested here will face state charges, although three individuals arrested for pimping child prostitutes could face more serious federal charges. Continue reading


Police Make Big Prostitution Sweep in Las Vegas Valley

Updated: Feb 24, 2009 11:08 AM PST

Three local girls were part of the nationwide prostitution sweep.

Three valley children have been rescued in a nationwide effort to save teens from child prostitution. In Las Vegas, 67 adults, including two pimps, were arrested in Operation Cross Country III.

Metro Police say the arrests are just the beginning of an ongoing crackdown.

From the classiest hotels on the Strip, to shadiest streets, working girls are on the prowl once the sun goes down. But the world’s oldest profession is also involving young women, and many not by choice.

“The primary focus of this operation is to identify and rescue children who have been forced into a life of prostitution,” said Metro Officer Bill Cassell. Continue reading

Nationwide child prostitution sting finds success in Las Vegas

Posted: Feb 23, 2009 06:17 PM PST

It’s a sad reality when police pick-up a prostitute and they can’t be sure she’s even 18 years old. All too often, she’s a juvenile. And in those cases, officers don’t make an arrest, they make a rescue. We learned a horrible truth from the success of Operation Cross Country this weekend as police rounded 45 teenage prostitutes, some as young a 13 years old and some working right here in Las Vegas. It’s a scene playing out in 29 cities around the country. Simultaneous stings where the undercover makes the deal, and they pick her up. The girl looked young in her CraigsList add, like so many, and that’s why she’s here. “These are children who for whatever reason were forced into a life of prostitution. Take them out of that system,” said Bill Cassell, a spokesman for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police. Las Vegas has now seen three sweeps like this where police, both federal and local, are looking for juveniles. This time, they were successful again. “We identified and rescue two victims of child prostitution. And we look at that as a huge success,” Cassell said. But that’s not where it ends. Police also picked-up pimps and johns, buying and selling minors. “We look at the successful arrest and prosecution of the pimps as one of the cornerstones of our effort,” Cassell said. Police make an arrest even when it isn’t a child. In all 68 prostitutes, 3 Johns and 2 pimps were taken off the streets in Las Vegas this weekend. The object is to arrest those pimps, and the johns and adult prostitutes. But the children police take in custody may have other options – there’s a chance they can be counseled and cared-for in such a way that they leave the life. But if police have to lock-them-up in order to get them off the streets, that’s what they’ll do.

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NM: Expert suspects work of serial killer

APD still mum on theories
Updated: Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009, 12:25 AM MST
Published : Tuesday, 24 Feb 2009, 12:24 AM MST

Reporter: Tim Maestas
Web Producer: Bill Diven

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The skeletal remains found buried on Albuquerque’s West Mesa over the last two weeks appear to be the work of a serial killer, according to a university professor who has studied that class of criminal for years.

Albuquerque police found the remains of four more people on Saturday and Monday, bringing the total number of potential victims to 10. One of the dead includes an unborn child.

“This has all the trappings of a serial murder case,” Dr. Dirk Gibson of the University of New Mexico told KRQE News 13.

Gibson has studied more than 1,000 serial killers and written three books on the subject. Continue reading

Police Investigate Teenage Prostitution in Iceland

23.02.2009 | 11:52

The case of two teenage girls, 13 and 14-years-old, who are believed to have prostituted themselves in exchange for drugs and alcohol, is currently under investigation at the sexual offence department of Iceland’s Capital Region Police.

Björgvin Björgvinsson, senior officer of the sexual offence department, confirmed to Fréttabladid that such a case is being investigated but did not want to discuss the case with the media at this point. The investigation is in the initial stages. Continue reading