Woman Arrested for Human Trafficking in Iceland

25.02.2009 | 12:23

A woman, who is suspected of human trafficking, having organized prostitution in Iceland and profited from it, was arrested at Keflavík International Airport last week and has been taken into custody until Friday.

She is also suspected of being involved in drug-related crimes both in Iceland and abroad. According to Morgunbladid, the woman, who is an Icelandic citizen, was arriving from the Netherlands when she was arrested.

An Icelandic man, who is believed to be the woman’s accomplice, had earlier been arrested at the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam, carrying a considerable amount of hard drugs. His case, which is not directly related to the women’s arrest, is currently under investigation by Dutch authorities.

Iceland’s Capital Region Police have been monitoring the woman for some time.

She is suspected of having operated brothels both in central Reykjavík and in Hafnarfjördur, a neighboring town, and had commented in a television interview that the women in these apartments were “entertaining men” and that there was nothing wrong with that, Fréttabladid reports.

Fridrik Smári Björgvinson, senior officer at the police’s investigative department, told Morgunbladid that a few witnesses have been questioned in relation to this case, among them women who are believed to have worked as prostitutes for the suspect.

According to Fréttabladid, she has appealed the custody ruling to the Supreme Court.

Although it is both legal to solicit sex and buy sexual services in Iceland, it is illegal for a third party to profit from prostitution.

Link to original at Iceland Review


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