Prostitute Buried Next To Theologist In Geneva

By Karmen Horvat

Swiss prostitute Griselidis Real will keep the company of theologist Jean Calvin and writer Jose Luis Borges in the afterlife.

Former Swiss prostitute and human rights activist Griselidis Real was buried next to theologist and religious reformist Jean Calvin at the famous royal cemetery in Geneva, media report on Tuesday.

Griselidis Real died in 2005 and seeing how she gave up on her career of a prostitute, she became famous by establishing a charity institution in the 70s with which she helped male and female prostitutes.

– Writer, painter and prostitute – is her epitaph and the decision on moving her remains next to the founder of the Calvinist Protestant Church did not go by without criticism.

An official explained that the decision to move her grave was a sign of gratitude to Griselidis Real for her charity work and not an accolade for her former profession.

Prostitute and a minister

Opponents of this move have a problem with the founder of the Protestant Calvinist Church resting next to a former prostitute.

Real was born in 1929 in Lausanna, had four children and stopped being a prostitute when she turned 66. She wrote several books on her profession.

Some 200 persons attended the transfer of her remains, while Real also rests in the company of other prominent figures, because Argentinean writer Jose Luis Borges was also buried there, along with childrens` psychologist Jean Piaget and UN Ambassador for Iraq Sergio Viera de Mello, who was assassinated in 2003.

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