Loved Ones Fear Truck Driver May Be Linked To California Missing

CUE Center For Missing Persons
PO Box 12714
Wilmington, NC 28405
Monica Caison
(910) 343-1131
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For immediate release:
April 23, 2009

Note left behind reveals that a body can be found on the “15”

Wilmington, NC: April Pitzer vanished on June 28, 2004 and despite multiple searchers, public awareness campaigns, national coverage and pleas to the Newberry community; she remains missing. “It has been a long road paved with many tears”, said Gloria Denton, Pitzer’s, mother; “she has two little girls and a family who loves and misses her deeply,” she added. April was last seen in Newberry Springs, California; it is believed she took a ride with a trucker with plans to travel to her mother’s home in Arkansas, but never arrived. April called her grandmother from Arizona while traveling with a truck driver advising her of this information; a note was found in a bathroom stall at a pilot truck stop in Oregon possibly referencing a connection to April Pitzer’s case. Continue reading


Older Stories: Who’s Counting: Sexonomics — Prostitutes’ Incomes

A Look at the Economics Behind the World’s Oldest Profession
May 7, 2006 —

The best-selling book “Freakonomics” examines the economics of some ordinary life situations. If these situations involve sex, the analysis might be better termed Sexonomics.

One of the first practitioners of sexonomics was Nobel Prize-winning economist Gary Becker, whose 1970s paper “A Theory of Marriage” pushed the economic analysis of sex into the purview of his fellow economists.

More recently, two other economists, Lena Edlund of Columbia University and Evelyn Korn of Eberhard-Karls-Universitat Tubingen, have published an intriguing paper, “A Theory of Prostitution,” (link: in the Journal of Political Economy. Continue reading

Pimps tend to be like prostitutes: abused as children, once sold their own bodies: study

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation conference on sex trafficking at DePaul finds interesting conclusions
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April 16, 2009

In television, movies and music, they exude cool and confidence.

But a new study has found out something else about some Chicago pimps — like the women they often peddle on the sex market, they are victims of sexual abuse and have sold their own bodies for sex.

A new study finds that the popular image of pimps as cool guys in control isn’t exactly accurate.
(AP file)

“That’s the persona they put on,” study author Jody Raphael said of popular images of pimps. “Underneath, they are no different than the women. … They come from the same households and dysfunction as the women do.” Continue reading

Hooking Without Crooking

Prostitution is nice work if you can get it decriminalized
by Juliet November

I’m buzzed into the storefront, which is marked only by a street number, and walk through the empty lounge to a garish pink staff room, where about eight women sit around chatting in a cloud of smoke and hairspray. There’s Genevieve, the fortyish French-Greek siren with cascading waves of black hair; and a twenty-year-old Australian farm girl, Anna, who clomps around in her high heels and trades her corset for a Led Zeppelin T-shirt the second she’s off shift. I set myself up at the long, mirrored vanity beside someone I haven’t seen here before, a short woman with flawless black skin and enormous eyes. My ears perk up at her accent. I ask her where she’s from. “Toronto, Canada.” “Me, too!” I squeal, and we spend the rest of the night bonding over quirky Australian expressions. (Fair dinkum? Seriously, what is that?) It’s my second month working in this Sydney brothel, and I’m learning that the biggest pleasures are often the most unexpected.

Rewind to a few years ago. I’m sipping a gin and tonic at a College Street bar with colleagues from the feminist organization where I work, and the subject of prostitution comes up. One woman shakes her head and recites the familiar argument about the shameful exploitation of prostitutes. Another disagrees, saying she loved working as a professional dominant/submissive in a dungeon. I nod, silently regretting that I can only guess what that was like. Then I say something that surprises even me: “I think I may have missed my calling as a prostitute.” Continue reading

Two Taiwan soldiers arrested for killing Vietnamese prostitute

Asia-Pacific News
Apr 11, 2009, 2:32 GMT

– Monsters and Critics –

Taipei – Two Taiwan naval personnel have been arrested for armed robbery which left one Vietnamese prostitute dead and another injured, Taiwan press said Saturday.

Tseng Shao-tzu and Liang Poh-yu, both 20, committed the armed burglary and murder Friday in Kaohsiung City, south Taiwan, near the Tsoying Naval Base.

They face a court martial and the death penalty, if found guilty, several newspapers reported.

According to the China Times, Tseng and Liang became acquainted with Le Kim-phuong, 34, a Vietnamese woman running an underground brothel in her apartment near the base. Continue reading

The hidden hell of a Houston sex slave

11:37 AM CDT on Friday, April 10, 2009

By Rucks Russell / 11 News

HOUSTON—It’s easy to pass by Houston’s hot-sheet motels without giving them much thought.

Houston’s dark secret: Inside the life of a prostitute
April 9, 2009

But many of them are harboring a dark secret behind their closed doors.

It’s a secret world a young woman who calls herself Miley knows all too well.

“Cigarette burns all over the comforters, roaches climbing up the walls,” Miley said. “This is happening. This is going on right under our noses.”

She’s talking about sexual slavery.

Miley says she got sucked into that life as a rebellious teenager who grew up near Washington, D.C. She says she was slightly overweight and insecure, and her parents were often too busy to notice.

“I was experimenting with a lot of things, listening to crazy music and wearing crazy clothes,” she said. Continue reading

Zimbabwe: The Curse of Child Prostitution

Vimbai Komani
10 April 2009

Harare — THERE is a saying that politics is the second oldest profession in the world and it is just as sordid as the oldest.

Of course, this is not a very flattering thing to say about the practitioners of the profession called politics because the world has seen its fair share of principled, dedicated and people-centred politicians.

Despite the centrality of politics to global affairs from time immemorial, it certainly does say something about prostitution that some people find it as arguably a more interesting topic of discussion than governance, administration and the other bureaucratic humdrum associated with politics.

And as the oldest profession has spread across the globe, it has tended to rope into its ranks younger and younger practitioners, making it cause for concern for anyone who cares about children’s rights. Continue reading