Canada: Lowlife pimp receives six years for prostitution offences

By TONY BLAIS Court Bureau

Thu, April 9, 2009

A “grandiose” Edmonton man convicted of pimping charges for turning a religious, small-town woman into a prostitute was handed a six-year prison term today.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Ernest Marshall slammed Terry Clayton Wallace for introducing a “naive” and “vulnerable” young woman into the “world of prostitution.”

He also criticized Wallace for trying to procure other women into prostitution while living with the victim and cited his MySpace page where used the names “the pimp God” and “super agent” while seeking female models.

“He had grandiose views of becoming wealthy through prostitution,” said Marshall.

The judge told Wallace it was a “tough sentence” but said he took solace in the fact Alberta was booming during the time of the offence and he was fully capable of working.

He then urged him to turn his life around so that once he is released he can “get out there and get a real job.”

Wallace, 29, has already served the equivalent of 50 months in pretrial custody so he has 22 months to go.

Prior to sentencing, Wallace apologized for his actions.

He was convicted last week of procuring and aiding and abetting in prostitution as well as assault and possession of a dangerous weapon for using a butcher knife to intimidate the now 22-year-old woman’s father when he and her mother were trying to take her back home with them.

Court heard the pair met when the 20-year-old put a profile of herself on a dating website and Wallace responded. She ended up sending him sexually explicit photos of herself and they had sex in a car the first time they met.

She also told Wallace she was having problems with her mother being controlling and he picked her up in the small Alberta town where she lived after a fight with her mother at a church bible studies class.

Link to original on Edmonton Sun


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