Loved Ones Fear Truck Driver May Be Linked To California Missing

CUE Center For Missing Persons
PO Box 12714
Wilmington, NC 28405
Monica Caison
(910) 343-1131
(910) 232-1687

For immediate release:
April 23, 2009

Note left behind reveals that a body can be found on the “15”

Wilmington, NC: April Pitzer vanished on June 28, 2004 and despite multiple searchers, public awareness campaigns, national coverage and pleas to the Newberry community; she remains missing. “It has been a long road paved with many tears”, said Gloria Denton, Pitzer’s, mother; “she has two little girls and a family who loves and misses her deeply,” she added. April was last seen in Newberry Springs, California; it is believed she took a ride with a trucker with plans to travel to her mother’s home in Arkansas, but never arrived. April called her grandmother from Arizona while traveling with a truck driver advising her of this information; a note was found in a bathroom stall at a pilot truck stop in Oregon possibly referencing a connection to April Pitzer’s case.

The family of Catherine Marie Lique is very concerned with the media headlines of woman’s remains being located and the recent FBI announcement of a possible serial trucker driver killer; leaving all to wonder if Catherine may have took a ride or trusted someone that she may have not known. At the time of her disappearance it was believed that Catherine was prostituting at area truck stops to support her long term drug addition and was last seen in Barstow/New Berry Spring, California areas.

“Two families brought together for one reason, to help each other search for their missing loved ones”; “something often seen in the world of those who suffer a missing person”, said, CUE founder, Monica Caison. “We will continue to search for these woman and all of our cases for any links to this serial truck driver, it is important to have all missing person cases reviewed at this point” she added. Families who have not had their DNA entered into CODIS should explore that option for a positive identification and to avoid the missing person from becoming a Jane/John Doe somewhere. CODIS is a free resource service offered to law officials across the country for the DNA process and the purpose of identifying missing individuals.

For more information on CODIS What is CODIS?

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