Ever worked as a sex worker in NSW? Take a survey!

NSW Sex Workers who provide services to clients with a disability–

You are invited to participate in a unique research project focussing on NSW sex workers who provide services to clients with a disability.  If you are currently, or have previously worked, in NSW as a sex worker then you are eligible to participate.

Participation involves an anonymous questionnaire which should take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. The questionnaire is available on-line at:

Alternatively, the questionnaire can be downloaded from the above link and sent to:

Sex workers and clients with a disability study
Rachel Wotton
c/ Faculty of Health Science
The University of Sydney
PO Box 170, Lidcombe
NSW 1825, Australia

A printed version can be sent you upon request.

I am a post-graduate student completing my Masters by Research degree at the University of Sydney.  I am also a current sex worker, the Secretary of Touching Base Inc and a member of Scarlet Alliance – the Australian Sex Workers’ Association.

Participation is completely voluntary and anonymous and your decision to participate – or not  – will in no way affect your current or future involvement with any of the organisations I am currently affiliated with, or any personal or professional relationship I may share with you. Submission of the completed questionnaire is an indication that you have consented to participate in this research.

Participating in this study will allow you to talk about a section of your work which is rarely discussed or acknowledged and which has never been specifically researched.

It is anticipated that the final results can be used to educate and influence the future development of training and awareness workshops for sex workers, disability services provider, clients with a disability, academics, policy makers and the general public.                                         

For more information please contact:
· Rachel Wotton:                 rwot5845@uni.sydney.edu.au  (phone)    0449-564-226
· Dr Russell Shuttleworth:   r.shuttleworth@usyd.edu.au  (phone) +61 2 9351 9647

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