GA: Accused Prostitute Rapist Arrested

Man Allegedly Raped Six Prostitutes In Fulton County

POSTED: 12:06 pm EDT June 26, 2009
UPDATED: 5:29 pm EDT June 26, 2009

ATLANTA — Police charged a man accused of raping prostitutes.

Fulton county police are not releasing the man’s name or photograph, because they’re planning to use him a few more times in lineups.

Police said he’s a black man in his late 30s with a stocky build who sometimes drives a tractor trailer.

He’s in jail charged with raping six different prostitutes.

One of the alleged rape victims agreed to talk to CBS Atlanta News under the condition of anonymity.

“He had the gun to my head. He had it, you know, to my temple. When we got to where we were going, he made me get out of the car and take off my clothes,” said the alleged victim.

It was along Fulton Industrial Boulevard where the 46-year-old prostitute said the man picked her up in 2007.

But this John didn’t was never planning to pay for sex. The alleged victim said he put the gun down, but then he put a knife to her neck and forced her to perform a sex act on him.

“[He said] that if I screamed, if I made any noise that he would leave me back there stinking,” said the alleged victim.

She said she’s certain it was the same man who had raped her the year before.

“I never forgot his eyes. I mean, he has a very distinctive look,” said the alleged victim.

In the last two-and-a half years, several prostitutes have come forward with similar stories and now authorities have finally tracked down the man they say is a serial rapist.

“I don’t think because I was prostituting that I deserve to be treated like that,” said the alleged victim.

Fulton County detectives believe more than six prostitutes have been raped by the man.

They’re hoping the women will come forward.

They promised they would not charge the women for prostitution.

Police just want to build up as much of a case as they can against the man they now have in jail.

Original at CBS Atlanta


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