OK: Sex for chips, anyone?

Posted Friday, June 26, 2009, at 6:35 PM

The idea of any business is to make money. Even if your business is selling sex for money.

Someone should share that information with L. S. Smith. The 36-year-old was arrested for prostitution and fined $1,142 after police caught her engaging in a sexual activity with a man who paid her with a $30 case of potato chips.

I can’t confirm it, but my “research” says she agreed to perform oral sex on the man in exchange for a box of Fritos.

Apparently, the Frito-Lay employee is having a hard time with his wife and “wanted some company” but was running short on cash, but did have the case of chips in his car, which Smith agreed to accept as payment. Hey, the economy affects everyone in different ways.

Police did not arrest the man nor did they release his name. It is grossly unfair Smith got arrested, had the above mug shot taken and got to pay $1,142 for a $30 box of chips and the man gets off scot free. (OK, perhaps “get off” is the wrong term to use here, the police busted the pair pretty early into the party.)

They didn’t even release his name so people can make fun of him. Perhaps they are just trying to do their part to help save his marriage, though the wife of every Frito-Lays employee in Oklahoma City is probably giving their husband the fifth degree about the whereabouts of their entire inventory.

If prostitution is defined as the exchange of sexual acts for money, goods, services and now chips, how come both parties involved in the transaction aren’t subject to the same punishment, or any punishment at all?

Why is only the woman in this case treated like a criminal? If men weren’t willing to pay money or chips for sex, prostitutions would have to find other ways to make a buck. (Ironically, they could still perform the same services for free and not face legal action.)

Why is it a crime to agree to perform oral sex on a man in exchange for a case of chips but not illegal for a man to trade a box of chips for oral sex?

Prostitution should not be promoted, but if a man willingly agrees to participate in the act, he should be held just as accountable as the woman he’s engaging in the act with.

Original at http://www.mountainhomenews.com/blogs/1137/entry/28336/
Mountain Home News


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  1. […] Here is the story. (I am including the link to the SWOP LV News blog instead of original to try to give the woman some anonymity.) […]

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