Singapore: ‘I was called a prostitute’

June 26, 2009

By Khushwant Singh

A CHINESE national who accused a senior anti-graft officer of hitting her during an interrogation, took the stand on Friday and said he also asked her about the size of her husband’s genitals.

Ms Lin Yanmei, who was then being investigated by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) for entering a marriage of convenience with a Singaporean, said principal senior investigator Neo Siong Leng also called her a prostitute, and an ugly one at that.

Speaking through a court interpreter, Ms Lin, 41, a clinic assistant, said she felt very humiliated, but never expected the interview to turn painful.

Neo, 33, is on trial for throwing a plastic file at Ms Lin and causing a cut on her lip and a chipped tooth on Jan14 last year. He has also been charged with hurting her knee when he kicked a table which hit her leg.

When Ms Lin was at the CPIB building in Lengkok Bahru that morning, she was initially interviewed by another officer.

After lunch, Neo took over.

She said he started the interview by banging a book on the table in the interview room.

He spoke to her very loudly and was very fierce, she said on the witness stand.

Neo kept insisting that she admit that her marriage was a sham and she did not have sex with her husband.

When she denied his accusations, he demanded she tell him the size of her husband’s penis and its distinguishing marks, Ms Lin said.

She did so but it did not stop Neo from saying that she had married Mr Chan Hon Kwan, 59, only to become a prostitute here.

Link to original on Straights Times


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