NC: Ex-prostitute leads others out

Published: Sat, Jun. 27, 2009 02:00AM

RALEIGH – Last week, Sheila Sanders celebrated five years of redemption — five years since she smoked a crack rock, five years since she turned a trick.

She shook off 13 years as a prostitute in Southeast Raleigh, lost years when she gave up four children to a neighbor, endured five rapes and scavenged meals from the trash — all to fill her pipe.

Five years ago, all she cared about was finding good-quality crack that hadn’t been cut with embalming fluid. Now she leads a support group at The Women’s Center downtown, counseling the very addicts who used to trick alongside her. Continue reading


SA: Decision to make sex work legal on hold

June 26 2009 at 11:39AM
By Clayton Barnes

The Department of Justice and Constitutional Development says it will consider a proposal to decriminalise prostitution – but that a decision will be made only after the World Cup.

Speaking before the department’s budget vote this week, director-general of justice Menzi Simelane said decriminalising and regulating the industry would ensure the protection of sex workers.

“The law provides for the protection of all South Africans. Decriminalisation of prostitution may be an option,” said Simelane. Continue reading

Pressured by sex workers, Taiwan OKs prostitution

Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:23am EDT

TAIPEI (Reuters) – Taiwan began a process of legalizing prostitution Wednesday making the island the latest place in the world to decriminalize the world’s oldest profession.

In six months, authorities will stop punishing Taiwan sex workers after prostitutes successfully campaigned to be given the same protection as their clients, a government spokesman said. Continue reading