Blog poem: The Lost Art Of A Courtesan

From JWRadcliffe Talks Sex Blog
June 30, 2009 ·

An Honest Prostitute
God’s loving hand,
Made me beautifully grand.
Blue sparkling eyes,
A long dark silk mane;
Voluptuous curves of lies.

I wear a Brazier,
Of over 600 years.
Female beauty perfected,
Not tattered nor torn;
Our blazing intellect, inspected.

Passed down from my mother,
It didn’t quite fit my brother.
Manners polished pristine,
Gestures gracefully fluid;
Sexual essence undeniable obscene.

I took it shaking with fear,
My childhood left in arrears.
Skillful flirting was stimulating,
Men drawn by the flocks;
The desire was invigorating.

An honored courtesan,
Today I successfully stand.
I’m proud of my gifts,
Many marriages I save;
Integrity and morals of life rift.

An honest prostitute,
An enchanting pursuit.
I’ve traveled the world of delights,
Slept in five star hotels with crystal;
Making my palette amazing bites.

The World does not see,
Me wickedly naughty.
The fun of closing doors,
In many a place;
Is not ever a bore.

My life is delightful,
Not at all frightful.
I’m treated with care,
Men respectfully clean;
Groomed with a flash of flair.

I entertain royalty,
With luring loyalty.
The gentlemen powerful seen,
Icons in their communities;
Thought as stellar human beings.

The finest spun silks,
I drape without guilt.
Gucci, Guess, Coach,
French designers make me melt;
I with my pillow poached.

My donors bring jewels,
They have never been cruel.
My jewelry case scattered,
Precious gems here and there;
Semi precious gems flattered.

I have a charming grace,
In a marvelous private place.
Audrey Hepburn is my masquerade,
I seek the glamor of original stars;
My beauty will fade in about a decade.

Your golden rewards,
Find an ushering door.
Gently pulling him through the threshold by tie,
Planting a smoldering kiss on his willing lips;
Slowly undressing him to the thigh.

Come into my chamber,
Experience sexual danger.
I’m confident in my ability to pleasure,
I like it on top completely exposed;
I enjoy the masculine length of measure.

Breed of beauty,
I adore showing bootie.
Nothing feels sexier than fine lingerie,
Silk, satin, leather or lace;
Playfully fun frolics of display.

Men feast upon fancies,
Finding me dropping my panties.
Nothing quite like worship,
Seeing eyes dance with delight;
Watching him macho and hip.

We childishly play,
Always finding the lay.
The foreplay is stimulating,
Worried to please me;
His talents are completely amazing.

Time well spent,
Finds a headboard bent.
The kinky positions with strangers,
Can be quite amusing;
Bumping your head with bangers.

I’ll give you a bath,
In exchange for the cash.
Counting the money is always a favorite,
It feels musty and moist under my fingers;
A few more bucks and I will have made it!

You’ll leave with a smile,
It won’t fade for miles.
He’s memories of small moments forever,
Past encounters put a bounce in his walk;
A smile on his lips about an endeavor.

Desires unearned,
Will promise your return.
I never reveal all my secrets,
He’ll be back with a dangler;
To explore my new features.

I was never a victim,
I enjoyed the transition.
Taking control of sexuality,
Gave me power of life;
Leaving lots of hospitality.

My life is privilege,
Not on the edge.
I’ve done things others never do,
I’ve seen thing other never see;
I’ve been imperfectly true.

I am now a writer,
No longer a biter.
Sharing gifts of love with the world,
Women never seeing the eyes of infidelity;
I am an oyster’s black pearl.

Now a family fable,
Finds the future stable.
My daughter free to live without a monster,
She will never want or need;
She will never sell her body to a popper.

See original at blog:
JWRadcliffe Talks Sex Blog


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