Prostitutes may get bailout in Amsterdam

July 3, 4:22 PM

Prostitution: Often called the worlds oldest profession, but times are tough, yes, even for prostitutes!

It seems that the prostitutes in Amsterdam can’t get bank accounts or loans from mainstream institutions according to a Reuters report.

The Amsterdam city council making an effort to solve this pressing problem for one of the city’s key business sectors. Banking and credit for prostitutes who can’t get accounts from mainstream institutions is their main concern. Well, at least some businesses have scruples!

The city’s red light district is famed the world over for its women in tiny windows and even tinier clothing, but despite the trade being legal, many banks shy away from taking the ladies on as customers.

Of course, anything goes in Amsterdam, drugs, prostitution and about anything else you can think of that would be un-biblical, and against the law in (most) of the western world. It makes one wonder if those that frequent prostitutes ever read the following passage from the Bible?

Proverbs 6:26 (NIV) ……..for the prostitute reduces you to a loaf of bread, and the adulteress preys upon your very life.

Probably not! But it sure makes you think about how one lowers their self worth, doesn’t it?

Original at The Examiner


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