UK: Press Release from Punternet

Press Release – 2nd October

I have had a large number of queries from various news agencies over the past day, too many to write each one a personal reply, so I am posting this instead.

Regarding claims that PunterNet “degrades” and “exploits” women:

Most definitely not! As it says on the home page, “This web site aims to promote better understanding between customers and ladies in hopes that everyone may benefit, with less stressful, more enjoyable and mutually respectful visits.” Anyone actually reading the site can see that the atmosphere here is one of camaraderie, not degradation!

Participation on this site is 100% voluntary. If a particular lady or agency chooses not to have reviews published here, their wishes are respected – unlike on many restaurant review sites.

Regarding claims that sites like this promote trafficking and sex slavery:

Again, exactly the opposite is true! The sort of low-lifes who engage in such despicable activities would not dare subject themselves to the scrutiny of being discussed in an open forum such as this one. The people who use this site (and the many others like it) are decent folk and would not hesitate to make that call to Crimestoppers if they suspected something was not right. So, sites like PunterNet are helping to REDUCE trafficking and slavery, which is what the Government claims to want to accomplish. Whatever one may think personally about sexworkers and their clients, we should all be working together in furtherance of that goal, by promoting a political and legal climate in which consenting adults can conduct their private business in a safe, clean, and respectful environment.

Why is Mrs. Harman picking on PunterNet when there are so many other, similar websites in the UK?

That is an excellent question! Considering the many high-profile escort directory sites, the thousands of websites belonging to escort agencies, massage parlours, and independent ladies, not to mention all the other discussion/review websites, how PunterNet came to be singled out is something of a mystery. Perhaps it was the fact that Mrs. Harman and her misguided beliefs were previously discussed here in a negative light. If that is the reason, she will have to close the entire Internet after this latest fiasco!

How much extra traffic did you get on 30 September, the day the story first broke?

Just over 2.7 million hits, more than double the daily average. Here’s the graph from my server statistics for September:

See original at Punternet

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