Buying sex in German Homes for the Elderly

Catharina KönigThursday, May 19 (This appeared in a Swedish publication. In Sweden, it is a crime to purchase sex. This was translated from Swedish to English by Google Chrome)

In Germany, prostitution is permitted since 2002. Disabled people who buy sex could not expect compensation from the insurance fund, unlike in the Netherlands where prostitution is legal since 2000 and where you can get money for buying sex and using money from the insurance fund as part of the individual’s personal budget.

The union of healthcare workers, Nu91, in the Netherlands is currently running the campaign ‘Here I draw a border “since the staff complained that they asked to perform sexual acts.

In several municipalities in Denmark, staff at nursing homes help provide sex toys.

Buying sex in nursing homes and among people with disabilities have become increasingly common in Germany. SvD have met Catharina König, offering everything from body contact to caress, massage and sex.

In Sweden, Catharina König be guilty of prostitution. In Germany, she received a call from health professionals or desperate parents.

In the kitchen are black and white portraits of Greta Garbo. On the table lies art books. Catharina König boiling tea. She is dressed in jeans and a red velvet jacket, his hair struggles towards all directions and she speaks in a while she wipes the cups and biscuits.

– When people ask what I’m working with, I usually say that I work with people with disabilities. Am I happy I add that this is a sensual and erotic work. And when they look at me with big eyes, “she laughs.

Catharina König is 52 years. Five years ago she became unemployed. She stumbled across an article on “sex assistants”, people who help the disabled or elderly people to experience sex.
– I felt that it could be something for me. But I did not know if I could pull it off. In my head, I had images of drooling and disfigured people, “she says.

Catharina König went to the Institute for autonomy for the disabled, ISBB, in the northern German Trebel. The college trains sex assistants and which meet people with disabilities who seek sexual partners or sexhjälp by trained personnel.

– The first time I was extremely nervous. It was an old man with spastic paralysis. But he looked me in the eye, and it touched me to the heart.

Since then, Catharina König sex assistant. Her clients are mostly elderly men in retirement homes or disabled. Sometimes, she says, they just want to see a female body, or caress it. Sometimes they need help to get an orgasm. And often creeps you just put together in bed holding each other.

– Often, the staff at home is calling. They see that the elderly are suffering but their own can not help them. The same is true for people with disabilities where staff feel that they are depressed or aggressive.

– In the case of young people living at home, it is mostly the mother’s calling. Recently I was at home with a 40-year-old man who had never been with a woman. At first he was terrified. But then it became so soft and nice.

One of Catharina König’s regulars is 58-year-old Peter who has a spastic paralysis of the limbs and lives in an apartment in a small town on the outskirts of the Ruhr.

– I am not an Adonis that women are turning around for the street. But like most other men I yearn for a woman and her body, “says Peter, who wished to remain anonymous.

But is it right to pay for sex?

– In principle, I think that you should not buy sex. But on the other hand, it has so many disadvantages in society when they are disabled. So I take my right to pay for sex.

In Sweden, it would be a criminal offense. You would be labeled a criminal. What do you think about it?

– I would feel insulted.

Christina König agrees.

– Sure I am sex workers. I sell sexual services. But also I do so much more. I’m trying to give people the feeling that they are beautiful, that they may be affected. It can not be punishable.

In Germany, prostitution is permitted since January 2002. The law as it came into force consider buying and selling of sexual services as a commercial transaction, provided it is done voluntarily. Brothels, which comply with the law is permissible. Prostitutes pay taxes and charges that the self-employed at any time.

Today there are several places brothels that advertise that they are accessible to the disabled, including ramps for wheelchairs and staff who understand and can help.

The association of sexual services that organize sex workers in Germany is estimated that prostitutes offer their services on top half of the country’s homes or nursing homes for the disabled.

– Many have discovered this as a niche. They are usually very little older and have life experience, says in a newspaper interview Marion Detlef, who is a social worker at sexarbetarföreningen Hydra in Berlin.

According to Marion Detlef there is good cooperation with the old people’s homes and more recently also with nursing homes for the disabled.

– There is still a big taboo issue. But even in institutions belonging to the church is growing understanding that all people have sexual needs. As it says in the Bible: that is without sin may cast the first stone.

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