Phoenix Woman Obviously Linked Falsely to “Desert Divas” Prostitution Ring Sues Maricopa County Attorney’s Office

By James King, Tuesday, Jan. 12 2010 @ 2:58PM

Victoria Aguayo was arrested, indicted, and nearly prosecuted for her “role” in the infamous “Desert Divas” prostitution ring, according to a lawsuit she’s filed in Maricopa County Superior Court.

Problem is: Aguayo was not a “desert diva,” and the evidence suggesting she was is laughable.

On one of the “Desert Divas'” many Web sites, the agency advertised an “escort” named “Tia.” The site described Tia as “thin, white, and blonde,” with a tattoo on her stomach that is clearly visible in the topless photo of the woman that Aguayo’s lawyer kindly sent New Times. Continue reading

OC Mom Admits Running High End Prostitution Ring

8:03 AM PDT, June 24, 2009

SANTA ANA — A mother of two pleaded guilty to charges of operating a multi-million dollar online prostitution ring that advertised L.A. area porn stars, models, and actresses.

31 year old M. B. pleaded guilty to money laundering and transporting a person from Orange County to New York City for purposes of prostitution, changing her previous not-guilty plea which was entered on May 11th in front of a federal court in Santa Ana.

B. is accused of running her online company, “Global Travel Network Inc.” as a front for prostitution, according to court records. Continue reading

Minnesota: Police bust online sex business

KARE – ‎Jun 10, 2009‎

Another major sex ring has been shut down by police. Investigators have now posted an online warning to sex trade workers and those who paid for their services.

It essentially says that police know who you are and they’re coming to find you unless you find them first.

The message is posted on and signed by Sgt. Grant Snyder and his partner Matt Wente.

“We’ve built criminal cases against many of these people. Frankly, what we’re trying to do is give people some opportunity to have some control over the time and place of that meeting,” says Snyder. Continue reading

Another Twin Cities prostitution website busted was started by a 46-year-old Woodbury woman who ran an illicit massage business in downtown Minneapolis, police say. She’s been arrested. The johns are scrambling to cover their tracks.

By DAVID CHANEN, Star Tribune
Last update: June 10, 2009 – 7:12 AM

The Twin Cities’ largest locally owned prostitution website was shut down by Minneapolis police this week, the second major prostitution sex ring in the area officers dismantled in the past month.

The site,, was started in 2005 by a 46-year-old Woodbury woman who ran an illicit massage business in downtown Minneapolis for several years. In a search of her house last week, investigators discovered a database of more than 350 prostitutes and johns using her site, according to Continue reading

IL: Mother, daughter charged with keeping house of prostitution in Berkeley

June 9, 2009


From the outside, the home at the corner of Hawthorne and Hillside Avenues in Berkeley looks like any other home on the quiet street.

But the pretty pink flowers along the walkway were only a facade for what police say was going on inside.

On June 3 members of Hillside and Berkeley police departments along with Cook County Sheriff’s Police Department executed a search warrant at Hawthorne Avenue after a three-month investigation involving alleged prostitution. Continue reading

Lawyer: Spitzer met regularly with prostitutes

By LARRY NEUMEISTER | Associated Press Writer
June 1, 2009

NEW YORK – A lawyer for a former escort service booker says his client revealed that former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer met regularly with prostitutes over an 18-month period before he resigned.

The lawyer, Marc Agnifilo, spoke outside court after his client, Temeka Lewis, was sentenced on Monday to one year’s probation.

She worked for the Emperors Club V.I.P. escort service when she set up the February 2008 meeting between the prostitute and “Client-9.” Spitzer was referred to as Client-9 in court papers. Continue reading

Houston: Brothel cases built on money, not sex

March 19, 2009, 8:12PM 

A Houston couple arrested this month for allegedly running a high-end call girl service face prostitution charges. But it’s the money police say they made — not the illicit sex — that could send them to prison for a long time.

Frustrated by judges and juries reluctant to throw the book at people accused of what some call a victimless crime, the Harris County District Attorney’s Office is taking a different tack in a few high-dollar cases by bringing money laundering charges that carry stiffer penalties. If prosecutors can prove that pimps made more than $200,000 off their enterprise through money laundering, prosecutors could win sentences of up to life in prison for the first-degree felony. The government also can seize assets.

“If you go after management, it has a more profound impact,” said Assistant District Attorney Craig Still. “Especially, if appropriate, you seize stuff that has been bought with illegal proceeds of crime. Once you start taking stuff and shutting down properties, it has more of an impact than popping the girls who are doing the sex acts.” Continue reading