Iceland to Ban Stripping and Prostitution

From the strip club Goldfinger. Photo by Páll Stefánsson. Taken in relation to Sara Blasks feature Dancer in the Dark published in the 2006 winter issue of Iceland Review.

From the strip club Goldfinger. Photo by Páll Stefánsson. Taken in relation to Sara Blask's feature "Dancer in the Dark" published in the 2006 winter issue of Iceland Review.

18/03/2009 | 12:31

Minister of Social Affairs Ásta Ragnheidur Jóhannesdóttir presented an action plan against human trafficking yesterday, which includes placing bans on operating strip clubs and purchasing sexual services.

It is hoped that the ban will take effect before the parliamentary elections on April 25.

“Human trafficking is the most disgusting form of international and organized crime that exists in the world,” Jóhannesdóttir said while presenting the 25-point action plan, Fréttabladid reports. Continue reading

Woman Arrested for Human Trafficking in Iceland

25.02.2009 | 12:23

A woman, who is suspected of human trafficking, having organized prostitution in Iceland and profited from it, was arrested at Keflavík International Airport last week and has been taken into custody until Friday.

She is also suspected of being involved in drug-related crimes both in Iceland and abroad. According to Morgunbladid, the woman, who is an Icelandic citizen, was arriving from the Netherlands when she was arrested. Continue reading

Police Investigate Teenage Prostitution in Iceland

23.02.2009 | 11:52

The case of two teenage girls, 13 and 14-years-old, who are believed to have prostituted themselves in exchange for drugs and alcohol, is currently under investigation at the sexual offence department of Iceland’s Capital Region Police.

Björgvin Björgvinsson, senior officer of the sexual offence department, confirmed to Fréttabladid that such a case is being investigated but did not want to discuss the case with the media at this point. The investigation is in the initial stages. Continue reading

Waking up to Human Trafficking in Iceland

01.03.2009 | 11:00

A woman suspected of human trafficking was arrested in Iceland this week. Stories of arrests of this sort, anywhere, and even more so in Iceland, are seldom heard.

Some thought that this small nation was immune to such crimes, but this week’s arrest is further suggestion that human trafficking does indeed exist in Iceland.

A multi-billion dollar operation, trafficking is one of the largest global industries and has the potential to exist anywhere. So if trafficking can flourish elsewhere, like in the United States, where 50 child prostitutes?some as young as 13?were rescued earlier this week, in other developed as well as developing countries, western and eastern countries, in democracies and autocracies, then there is no doubt that it can exist in Iceland. Continue reading