Craigslist clash over adult ads raises key issues

James Temple, Chronicle Staff Writer

Sunday, August 29, 2010
CEO Jim Buckmaster, above, faces criticism from politicia… CEO Jim Buckmaster faces criticism from politicians such …

Attorneys general in 18 states demanded that Craigslist remove its adult services section last week, the latest clash in a long-running conflict over online sexual ads that is likely to lead to a court battle, congressional debate or both, legal experts say.

“Eventually we’re going to see something,” said Jason Schultz, assistant professor at the UC Berkeley School of Law. “There has been political pressure building to try to pass new laws or to sue Craigslist criminally.” Continue reading

For Runaways, Sex Buys Survival

Running in the Shadows
October 27, 2009

ASHLAND, Ore. — She ran away from her group home in Medford, Ore., and spent weeks sleeping in parks and under bridges. Finally, Nicole Clark, 14 years old, grew so desperate that she accepted a young man’s offer of a place to stay. The price would come later.

They had sex, and he soon became her boyfriend. Then one day he threatened to kick her out if she did not have sex with several of his friends in exchange for money.

She agreed, fearing she had no choice. “Where was I going to go?” said Nicole, now 17 and living here, just down the Interstate from Medford. That first exchange of money for sex led to a downward spiral of prostitution that lasted for 14 months, until she escaped last year from a pimp who she said often locked her in his garage apartment for months. Continue reading

Aurora man accused of pimping child prostitutes

By Associated Press
7:17 AM MDT, July 1, 2009

AURORA, Colo. (AP) — Aurora Police are looking for runaway girls who might have been forced into prostitution after arresting a man they suspect was pimping girls using online ads.

An undercover investigation led to an arrest Tuesday of 24-year-old Bobby James Doss. Detectives are holding Doss on charges of pimping a child after tracking a girl through an online sex ad. She told investigators she was a runaway working as a prostitute for Doss.

Authorities say they suspect more girls may be involved. The girl they interviewed Tuesday is in protective custody, and Doss is being held without bond.

While interviewing the underage prostitute at a hotel room, police arrested her suspected john, 37-year-old B A C.

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OH: A new word for prostitute: Victim

Naive and vulnerable girls lured by slick-talking pimps are drugged, beaten and held hostage for sex. They are our children, and they are the latest casualties of human trafficking.

Sunday, June 28, 2009 3:29 AM
By Alan Johnson and Mike Wagner


The rusty black Chevrolet crept slowly down W. Broad Street until a stranger waved it to a stop. The man handed the driver $50 and climbed into the back seat beside a cute young woman with brown hair and brown eyes.

Before sunrise, about 20 more strangers would do the same.

Ashley Berner, barely 18, pleaded to the driver to let her go. Three other women, who had taken her in from the streets, introduced her to the man she didn’t realize was a pimp. Soon, he was beating her and threatening to kill her and harm her family if she didn’t continue prostituting in the back seat of that car. Continue reading

WA: Ft. Lewis sergeant faces federal prostitution charges

11:07 AM PDT on Monday, June 1, 2009 Staff

TACOMA, Wash. – An Army sergeant stationed at Fort Lewis now faces federal charges of pimping teen prostitutes.

Sgt. Sterling Terrance Hospedales, 26, is charged with child sex trafficking and attempted child sex trafficking.

Hospedales was arrested on April 14 and has been held in the Pierce County Jail on charges of promoting prostitution. Charging papers indicated the girls were 16 and 17-years-old. Continue reading

The Craigslist Sex Panic


How shutting down its “erotic services” section hurts prostitutes and cops.
By Melissa Gira Grant
Posted Wednesday, May 27, 2009, at 4:59 PM ET

Craigslist, the San Francisco-based online marketplace that’s been around for nearly as long as the Web, has always hosted ads for prostitution. That supposedly changed earlier this month when the site closed its “erotic services” section, replacing it with an “adult services” page where posts must be preapproved to ensure they don’t offer sex for sale. For all appearances, the move is a concession to the panic over Philip Markoff, the accused “Craigslist Killer,” who has been charged with the murder and assault of Erotic Services advertisers this April.

Leading the campaign against Craigslist prostitution is Richard Blumenthal. The Connecticut attorney general, hot off a war on Facebook and MySpace for their alleged exposure of young people to sexual predation, started a crusade against Craigslist last March. (He was joined by 39 more attorneys general in November.) Sure enough, when Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster announced the company’s decision to kill the site’s sex ads, Blumenthal and his supporters declared victory. What exactly has Blumenthal won, though? Continue reading

Pimps tend to be like prostitutes: abused as children, once sold their own bodies: study

Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation conference on sex trafficking at DePaul finds interesting conclusions
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April 16, 2009

In television, movies and music, they exude cool and confidence.

But a new study has found out something else about some Chicago pimps — like the women they often peddle on the sex market, they are victims of sexual abuse and have sold their own bodies for sex.

A new study finds that the popular image of pimps as cool guys in control isn’t exactly accurate.
(AP file)

“That’s the persona they put on,” study author Jody Raphael said of popular images of pimps. “Underneath, they are no different than the women. … They come from the same households and dysfunction as the women do.” Continue reading

The hidden hell of a Houston sex slave

11:37 AM CDT on Friday, April 10, 2009

By Rucks Russell / 11 News

HOUSTON—It’s easy to pass by Houston’s hot-sheet motels without giving them much thought.

Houston’s dark secret: Inside the life of a prostitute
April 9, 2009

But many of them are harboring a dark secret behind their closed doors.

It’s a secret world a young woman who calls herself Miley knows all too well.

“Cigarette burns all over the comforters, roaches climbing up the walls,” Miley said. “This is happening. This is going on right under our noses.”

She’s talking about sexual slavery.

Miley says she got sucked into that life as a rebellious teenager who grew up near Washington, D.C. She says she was slightly overweight and insecure, and her parents were often too busy to notice.

“I was experimenting with a lot of things, listening to crazy music and wearing crazy clothes,” she said. Continue reading

Canada: Lowlife pimp receives six years for prostitution offences

By TONY BLAIS Court Bureau

Thu, April 9, 2009

A “grandiose” Edmonton man convicted of pimping charges for turning a religious, small-town woman into a prostitute was handed a six-year prison term today.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Ernest Marshall slammed Terry Clayton Wallace for introducing a “naive” and “vulnerable” young woman into the “world of prostitution.” Continue reading

China: Child rape, prostitution trial begins

By Xie Yu (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-04-09 07:39

Six men and one woman are standing trial after a child prostitution ring was smashed in Southwest China’s Xishui county, Guizhou province, Wednesday. Some of the victims were as young as 13.

Yuan Ronghui, a 37-year-old jobless woman, was charged with organizing prostitution.

Another six men, including four government officials, a teacher, a taxi driver, were charged with child rape after police uncovered the prostitution ring, involving 11 girls aged between 13 and 18 in October last year.

The courtroom was closed to protect the privacy of the girls, said Yu Deping, president of the people’s court of Xishui county, Guizhou province. No verdict was reached yesterday. Continue reading