Dancers From Ohio Strip Club Protest At Church

Church Has Protested Strip Club For 4 Years

POSTED: 9:34 am EDT August 9, 2010
UPDATED: 10:03 pm EDT August 9, 2010

WARSAW, Ohio —
The owner of an Ohio strip club and some of his dancers have been protesting at a church that has done the same to them for four years.

Women in bikinis sat in camp chairs Sunday outside the New Beginnings Ministries church in Warsaw, about 60 miles northeast of Columbus.

Tommy George owns the Foxhole strip club in nearby Newcastle. He says he and his employees decided to start coming to the church because they were fed up.

George says the church’s pastor, Bill Dunfee, and his congregation have bothered the club’s weekend patrons. He says they come armed with bullhorns, signs and video cameras for posting customers’ license plate numbers online.

Dunfee calls George a “parasite” and says seeing the protesters outside the church has strengthened the resolve of his flock.

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Australia: Family group apologises to sex workers

Sex workers want a ban on material which stigmates their industry.

A group opposed to prostitution has been forced to apologise to Tasmanian sex workers for saying the industry is harmful to women.

The Family Protection Society also accused sex workers of “breaking up marriages” in a series of advertisements placed in a Tasmanian daily newspaper.

Jade Barker from the lobby group Scarlet Alliance says the society agreed to apologise after the alliance lodged a complaint.

“Scarlet Alliance commenced action under the Tasmanian Anti-discrimination Act of 1998 in relation to the Family Protection Society and a conciliation was held and an apology given which was published by the Family Protection Society,” she said.

Tasmanian sex worker “Claire” says the society has a long history of publishing material stigmatising sex workers.

“[It says] things like prostitution harms women, prositution disturbs marriages.”

She says the apology is welcome but it is only the first step.

“Ads like these should be banned from the paper.”

The Alliance is continuing to push for the decriminalisation of prostitution in Tasmania.

Attempts to contact the Family Protection Society have been unsuccessful.

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Hooker Hunting in God’s Country

Blog post
By Sarah Braasch

[Editor’s Note: Please welcome Sarah Braasch back to Daylight Atheism for her second guest post! You can read Sarah’s bio from a post last month.]

A few months ago, through some fault of my own, I found myself on a driving tour of Naples, Italy, assiduously avoiding the unwanted sexual advances of some US Navy boys. I was not enjoying myself much at all when one of the sailors suggested we go hooker hunting, as he so charmingly phrased it. I was suddenly rapt with attention and very keen to experience the famed seedy underbelly of Naples. I was also more than a little concerned that my companions intended to do more than window shop, but that was not about to dissuade me from witnessing the Neapolitan sex industry first hand. Continue reading

Sex Work: In Bed with the Religious Right

By Dagmar Herzog
June 11, 2009

Is American sexual culture schizophrenic? Yes, and this has everything to do with the sexual politics of the religious right. Sexual opportunity is everywhere, but sexual rights have, at the same time, been concretely eroded.

Sex in Crisis: The New Sexual Revolution and the Future of American Politics
By Dagmar Herzog
(Basic Books, 2008)

What inspired you to write Sex in Crisis? What sparked your interest?

Sex in Crisis has a great deal to do with my prior book, Sex after Fascism: Memory and Morality in Twentieth-Century Germany (2005), which offered a major revision of our assumptions about the Third Reich’s sexual politics and its aftermath, including close attention to the complicity of the Christian churches under Nazism. In his book American Fascists, Chris Hedges had drawn direct parallels between the religious right Continue reading

SA: No girl should walk the streets to sell her body for a living

02 June 2009
HOME TRUTHS – Oupa Ngwenya

IN OUR dreams life is as wonderful as made popular in a song by American jazz legend Louis Armstrong: “What a wonderful world”. But reality often jolts us to the rude awakening that life is a permanent contest where the morality of the good and the bad never win the day without a fight.

The crescendo of voices spoiling for a fight for our lawmakers to declare prostitution as “legitimate work” is certainly not the kind of a world to be drummed into the dear little ears of our girls. Continue reading

LV: STRYPER Guitarist To Marry Former High-Class Prostitute

June 2, 2009

Guitarist Oz Fox of reactivated Christian hard rockers STRYPER will marry Annie Lobért, a 41-year-old former call girl who founded the international Christian ministry Hookers for Jesus, on June 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Lobért (pictured below) worked for 11 years as a prostitute and escort in Las Vegas, which included catering to celebrities and professional athletes.

Lobért gives lectures in both secular and religious communities on the effects of the adult entertainment industry. Additionally, she has been heard on talk radio and interviewed in major news publications throughout the world, including the U.K., France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Australia and Africa. She is the author of “Hooker for Jesus”, a soon-to-be-released autobiography targeting both secular and religious audiences.

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AZ: Neighbors complain about sexually-oriented temple

by Peter Corbett – Feb. 26, 2009 04:17 PM
The Arizona Republic

Police have investigated a sexually oriented temple operating in a downtown Scottsdale home after complaints from neighbors.

Scottsdale police spokesman Sgt. Mark Clark said police visited the Phoenix Goddess Temple last week to investigate a complaint that it was a house of prostitution but could not determine if the allegations were true.

A city zoning code enforcement case, which started in October, is separate from the more recent police visit to the property at 68th Street and Exeter Boulevard.

The temple plans to move to Phoenix next month because its residential property is not large enough for a church under Scottsdale’s zoning code, said Tracy Elise, temple mother priestess.

The temple has drawn police attention because its tenets connect spirituality and sexuality and it employs sexual healers and teaches its members about tantric sexual techniques.

“It’s perceived as a sex church,” Elise said. Continue reading