Oldies: Civics Lesson in Leopardskin

Robyn Few believes the recent Supreme Court ruling on sodomy paves the way for prostitution to be legalized.

By Susan Goldsmith
December 10, 2003

Robyn Few wants to prove Antonin Scalia right. When former Berkeley high-school teacher Shannon Williams was arrested for prostitution earlier this year, no one would have imagined that her case would become a real-world civics lesson. She was busted in August after allegedly arranging to have sex with an undercover Oakland police officer, and was reportedly arrested at her home soon after she was handed $250 in marked bills.

Williams’ arrest made plenty of news in its own right, but it also convinced a recently convicted San Francisco prostitute named Robyn Few that it was time to start a crusade of her own. Williams’ case was what Few had been waiting for: the perfect vehicle to galvanize a long-dormant movement to make prostitution legal. Continue reading