Police Bust Restaurant in Suphanburi Forcing 30 Laotian Girls into Sex Service

UPDATE : 9 February 2011
The Human Trafficking Suppression Police have cracked down on a brothel in central Suphanburi province, rescuing more than 30 Laotian girls.

Human trafficking police said they have arrested 48-year Surapha Pudpa, the owner of a restaurant called ‘Phraew’, along with two staff members, for their involvement in sex trade.

Police said a man notified officers after he recently visited the restaurant, where a man at the restaurant asked if he wanted to sleep with a Laotian girl.

Original article:

After saying yes, the man, who refused to give his real name, was invited to the back of the restaurant where he found at least 30 Laotian girls waiting to be chosen.

The man said he deeply sympathized with an 18-year Laotian victim who claimed she was deceived and brought into the sex business.

Police added that the restaurant acquired the women through an agency that paid 5,000 baht to the parents of the victims, claiming the girls would be working at a good restaurant.

The initial investigation found that the Laotian girls have been forced to sell sex services without receiving payment, and were threatened to be chained and beaten up.

The girls were reportedly allow just one meal a day.

Police concluded by promising that all of the victims will undergo mental health rehabilitation and receive further care, in line with an international treaty, as soon as possible.

UK: North-east woman admits part in trafficking woman

Thai citizen made to work in sex trade

By Ryan Crighton
Published: 09/01/2009

AN ABERDEEN woman has admitted her part in trafficking a Thai citizen across the UK to work in the sex trade.
Jutamas Songglin, who was caught by police trying to leave the country with £10,000 in cash, forced the 29-year-old victim to see 10 men a day at a brothel in Plymouth.

Two men and five women, including Songglin, admitted s charges relating to trafficking the 29-year-old woman across the UK, turning her to prostitution, controlling her in that trade and running a brothel in Plymouth and another in Taunton when they appeared in court.

Andrew Oldland, prosecuting, told Plymouth Crown Court: “This was an organised criminal activity, focusing on the exploitation of prostitutes for gain.” Continue reading

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