Buying sex in German Homes for the Elderly

Catharina KönigThursday, May 19 (This appeared in a Swedish publication. In Sweden, it is a crime to purchase sex. This was translated from Swedish to English by Google Chrome)

In Germany, prostitution is permitted since 2002. Disabled people who buy sex could not expect compensation from the insurance fund, unlike in the Netherlands where prostitution is legal since 2000 and where you can get money for buying sex and using money from the insurance fund as part of the individual’s personal budget.

The union of healthcare workers, Nu91, in the Netherlands is currently running the campaign ‘Here I draw a border “since the staff complained that they asked to perform sexual acts.

In several municipalities in Denmark, staff at nursing homes help provide sex toys.
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The Right to Pleasure

by Bonnie Zylbergold on March 15, 2007

There’s nothing wrong with me. I want to do this, I’m choosing to do this, and I don’t mind doing this exchange, money for sex. I prefer to do that than have my situation therapized.

That was all Dr. Russell Shuttleworth needed to hear before taking his long-time friend and employer—a thirty-three-year old man living with Cerebral Palsy (CP), confined to a wheel chair and resigned to communicate via head pointer and alphabet board—to the strip club.

Out of the plethora of issues facing the physically and developmentally disabled, how a virile man with CP has sex doesn’t usually make the top ten. For the most part, discussions around disability and sexuality have remained off limits. Conversations regarding actual physical, sexual experiences and sexual expression are not typical of the genre; only recently has effort been made to acknowledge and investigate the complex nature of the subject. Continue reading